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08 May 2012 @ 12:34 am
Nottingham's famous Mortimers Hole.  
Mortimers Hole

Nottingham's famous Mortimers Hole.

Formed 230 million years ago from Bunter Pebble bed this bluff of rock spreads underneath the city of Nottingham and up into northern Nottinghamshire. Below the city are over 400 caves that have been used over the centuries for various purposes including dwellings, brewery, maltings and tanning. Within this tip of an unusual area of rock is a tunnel that lead to the castle above The tunnel was used by Edward III in 1329 to seize control of his rightful place on the throne of England from his regent mother Queen Isabella and her lover, Roger Lord Mortimer.

Built into the side of the rock is the School Room and Toy Shop area of the Museum of Nottingham History at the Brewhouse Yard